IOSH Directing Safely Courses

The IOSH Directing Safely course is the UK’s number one health and safety course aimed at senior management. It looks at health and safety issues throughout modern business’s management processes and the related legal, financial and moral considerations.

Who is the IOSH Directing Safely course for?

The course is aimed at board level directors and other senior management roles, and is designed to enhance their current understanding of H&S . With more and more companies needing to produce a growing amount of evidence of their health and safety activities, it’s vital that senior executives understand their roles and responsibilities.

How will your business benefit?

The Directing Safely course will enhance senior director’s and executive’s knowledge, appreciation and understanding of H&S . This can then be filtered down throughout your organisation, improving the overall perception and appreciation of safety issues.

Key learning outcomes

Delegates will come away from the course with a range of knowledge and understanding that will include:

  • A comprehensive understanding of their financial, legal and moral responsibilities in terms of health and safety to their employees.
  • Understand accidents and what causes them.
  • Knowledge of what the basic principles are of the HSE’s Revitalising Health and Safety strategy are and understand them.
  • Have an understanding of the main parts of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and in relation to how their business operates.
  • An appreciation of the value and need of accredited health and safety training.
  • The skills and knowledge needed to both create and implement a comprehensive and robust H&S strategy.
  • An understanding of the business case for health and safety
  • An understanding of the legal obligations of both directors and companies in the UK with regards to the safety of their employees.

Course details

Directing Safely has a total number of eight modules.

Module 1 – Aims, Objectives and Overview

This is the introductory module and will give delegates a full rundown of the course and its aims and objectives.

Module 2 – Health and Safety Management

This module focusses on the influential Internal Control: Guidance for Directors on the Combined Code, also known as the Turnbull Report. This report was produced with the London Stock Exchange and focussed on company director’s obligations and responsibilities and having good internal audits and controls. The module also covers the HSE’s Revitalising Health and Safety strategy.

Module 3 – Health and Safety: Getting it Wrong

This module is all about raising delegate’s understanding of accidents and it takes a detailed look at why they happen, what the consequences are when they do happen and the costs involved.

Module 4 – Health and Safety: Getting it Right

This module looks at what good health and safety management looks like. It looks at what the principles are of behind an effective H&S management policy and looks at relevant UK and European legislation concerning safety and how this should be complied with.

Module 5 – Planning for Success

Planning for success is a module about how Directors and Executives should approach risk assessement and risk control when business planning, and looking at the roles that these play within the planning process.

Module 6 – People: Your Most Valuable Asset

Module 6 concentrates on any organisation’s most important asset when it comes to health and safety, its people. It looks at recognising their value and discusses issues regarding their performance and how this may be affected.

Module 7 – How well are you performing?

As well has having effective risk management, controls and health and safety policies, it is important that as directors safety is measured and reported on. This module looks at the different methods that these performance measurements can be reported on.

Module 8 – Improving Performance

If you have an effective H&S and risk management policy, then it’s important not to think that your work as a director is done. This module stresses the importance of stricing to continually improve and discusses ways in which improvements in health and safety performance can be achieved.


Our tutors are highly experienced in delivering the IOSH course Directing Safely and are skilled industry professionals. All of them are members of the chartered body for health and safety practitioners, the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Course materials

IOSH Directing Safely training is designed to be interactive, and all delegates will be given a workbook that they will work through with their fellow students under the direction of the course tutor. As well as being essential for the course itself, it contains a variety of forms, advice and guidance that will prove to be invaluable to attendees in the course of their day-to-day work.


The course of offered over one day.


The course is assessed by an examination at the end of the day that consists of a number of multiple choice questions. Participants will also be required to undertake a short Directing Safely project.


Those executives and directors who successfully complete the course will be awarded and IOSH Directing Safely certificate.

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