IOSH Leading Safely Courses

The IOSH Leading Safely course is a compact health and safety course that delivers what directors and executives need to know about H&S in as short a time as possible. It will give them a good overview of the responsibilities of their role when it comes to H&S as well as the tools needed for them as leaders to head up their organisations safely, effectively and efficiently. It is IOSH’s newest course and is expected to become one of their most popular and pioneering safety courses.

Who is the IOSH Leading Safely course for?

Leading Safely is aimed at a broad range of senior roles:

  • Chief executives
  • Managing directors
  • Directors
  • Heads of departments
  • Board members
  • Business owners
  • Senior managers and executives
  • Anyone who desires to work at any of these roles
  • Anyone who works alongside people working at these senior levels

Key learning outcomes

  • Participants in the Leading Safely course will, after successfully completing the course have:
  • An understanding and appreciation of their role as directors and leaders with regards to the health and safety of their staff.
  • An appreciation of the importance of an integrated approach to health and safety within the organisation’s broader business objectives which will help minimize risk.
  • The means to take health and safety issues and risks into account when conducting decision making and planning strategically.
  • Knowledge of the consequences of failing to lead an effective health and safety policy.
  • An overview, appreciation and knowledge of safety and health management systems and the importance as a leader of reporting health and safety as well as continually attempting to improve.

Course details

The IOSH Leading Safely course amongst the IOSH suite of programmes (and indeed any other professional H&S course) in that it uses a pioneering approach to technology. Delegates download an IOSH for Leaders app on which they will complete a questionnaire which will enable them to assess their own company or organisation’s attitude and approach to health and safety. This information can be acted upon to formulate a tailored health and safety action plan for the future.

The course consists of a number of modules, the key ones being:

Business Risks

  • What is risk and how is it managed
  • Risk management systems and the case for their integration
  • Governance and risk management

Sensible Risk Management

  • Procurement and how it can be informed by health and safety
  • Change and its implications
  • Proportionality


  • Behaviour: Current v. required
  • The H&S responsibilities of leaders and how they should be carried out
  • How to lead and ensure others successfully manage H&S

Legal Responsibilities

  • Director’s responsibilities under the law, looking at both civil law and criminal law
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act and the legal responsibilities that arise from these
  • Criminal law and H&S and how it is enforced

Measuring Performance

  • The techniques needed to establish the effectiveness and performance of your organisation
  • Assurance, both reactive and preventative
  • Annual reporting and its importance

Reviewing Performance

  • The importance of reviewing health and safety and its performance
  • How to continuously improve and the actions needed to do this


As with all our IOSH courses, the tutor will be a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety and Health. As well as being qualified academically at the highest level, our tutors also have extensive experience in industry, which ensures that delegates will not just be taught theory, but will be guided with practical, real life applications too.

Course materials

As well as the IOSH for Leaders app, you will receive a workbook that you will work through with your fellow students in a lively and interactive manner. This will not only be of use during the course, the information and guides contained within it will be of use in your day-to-day activities as a business leader.


The duration of the course is half a day, which means minimal disruption to your delegates and your company.


There will be a multiple choice written assessment at the end of the course that will evaluate the delegate’s understanding of what has been taught.


Those participants who successfully complete the IOSH Leading Safely course and the written assessment will receive an IOSH Leading Safely certificate.

If you’d like to book an IOSH Leading Safely course, or simply want to ask a question, then please use the contact form below.