IOSH Managing Safely Courses

IOSH managing safely course

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is an exciting, dynamic and interactive 4 day course in health and safety for managers. It is designed to ensure managers, team leaders and supervisors are fully aware of their H&S responsibilities and have the tools and knowledge to ensure their teams are operating safely and efficiently.

Who is the IOSH Managing Safely course for?

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is the UK’s leading health and safety course for anyone who is a:

  • Manager
  • Team leader
  • Line manager
  • Supervisor

It will give them the tools they need to manage health and safety effectively in their workplace as part of their day-to-day duties. As well as covering the key issues of health and safety, the course now also includes a full section on protecting the environment.

How will your business benefit?

  • There will be a company wide improvement in health and safety awareness and a greater appreciation and understanding of safety measures.
  • Your staff will be actively improving your workplace
  • You’ll see an increase in productivity as a greater understanding and appreciation of H&S will result in less accidents and a decrease in sickness and absenteeism.
  • Your staff will feel empowered and engaged with a respected and internationally recognised H&S certification.

Key learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course ‘Managing Safely’, delegates will be aware of their H&S responsibilities in the context of their roles as managers and supervisors and should understand:

  • The importance of managing health and safety
  • What constitutes a health and safety management system
  • What their legal responsibilities are as a manager
  • What a risk assessment is
  • Why risk assessments are carried out
  • How a risk assessment is undertaken
  • How to reduce risks and what methods to use
  • Why and how accidents happen
  • Why incidents and accidents need investigating
  • How an accident investigation should be carried out
  • The importance of measuring performance and how to do it
  • The impact of industry on the environment and waste and pollution can be reduced and controlled
  • Environmental management systems

Course details

Module 1 – Introducing managing safely

This is the introductory module which discusses why it is important to manage safely. Delegates will also gain an understanding of their safety responsibilities as managers.

Module 2 – Assessing risks

This module looks at what risks are. It discusses what a risk assessment is and looks at how risk assessments are carried out.

Module 3 – Controlling risks

Following a risk assessment, it’s important that when risks have been identified, that these risks are reduced. This module looks at that process and how the correct risk control measures are chosen.

Module 4 – Understanding your responsibilities

This looks at the key responsibilities of management under law and what they are required to do in terms of safety. It looks at how the law works and assesses the key parts of H&S management systems.

Module 5 – Identifying hazards

This part of the course looks at common hazards and discusses what can be done about common hazards.

Module 6 – Investigating accidents and incidents

How do incidents and accidents happen? The module then goes on to how an investigation is carried out and why accident investigation is an important aspect of managing safely.

Module 7 – Measuring performance

This part of the course looks at why performance measurement is important and how health and safety performance is best monitored and reported on. It also looks at health and safety audits.

Module 8 – Protecting our environment

Like many other of IOSH’s courses, Managing Safely also includes a section that discusses the impact industry can have on the environment and and this can be controlled and managed.


All our tutors on the Managing Safely programmes are experienced and qualified health and safety professionals. All of our trainers and consultants are full Chartered members of IOSH, the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Course materials

The Managing Safely course is interactive and and every delegate attending the course will be given a workbook that they will use alongside their fellow students and tutor. The workbook will be of use after the course too, as it contains a essential information and guidance for managers and will help them return to work with the tools needed to safely manage their team.


The course is delivered over 4 days, and this can be done in-house on your company premises or at one of our training centres across the UK


Managing Safely examined by a short multiple format test on the day that contains a total of 25 questions on all of the modules covered. Delegates are also required to complete a practical assessment. This will be carried out in their own workplace and must be completed within 14 days of the end of the course.


After attending the course and successfully completing the exam and Managing Safely project, delegates will be awarded an IOSH Certificate in Managing Safely.

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