IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course

The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course is aimed at those managers, supervisors and team leaders that have already undertaken full IOSH Managing Safely training and would like to refresh and revitalize their skills with the latest health and safety thinking, best practice and legislation amendments and changes. This will ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date.

Who is the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course for?

The Institute of Safety and Occupational Health recommend that those people who hold the Managing Safely certificate refresh their skills within a three year period. Like the full Managing Safely course, the refresher course is suitable for a wide range of management positions such as managers, team leaders, supervisors and line managers.

Key learning outcomes

On successful completion of the refresher Managing Safely training, delegates will be aware of their H&S responsibilities in the context of their roles as managers and supervisors and should understand:

  • The importance of managing health and safety
  • What constitutes a health and safety management system
  • What their legal responsibilities are as a manager
  • What a risk assessment is
  • Why risk assesements are carried out
  • How a risk assessment is undertaken
  • How to reduce risks and what methods to use
  • Why and how accidents happen
  • Why incidents and accidents need investigating
  • How an accident investigation should be carried out
  • The importance of measuring performance and how to do it
  • The impact of industry on the environment and waste and pollution can be reduced and controlled
  • Environmental management systems

Course details

Refresher module 1 – Introducing managing safely

Delegates will learn about the importance of managing safely as well as an understanding of their responsibilities as managers/supervisors.

Refresher module 2 – Assessing risks

Understanding risks is essential as a manager, and this module will teach students how to identify risks and also how to conduct a risk assessment.

Refresher module 3 – Controlling risks

This module looks at the process of controlling the risks that have been identified as part of a risk assessment and how the correct risk control measures are chosen.

Refresher module 4 – Understanding your responsibilities

Understanding their role as a manager is key to best health and safety practice. This module will help students not just identify them, but understand them too.

Refresher module 5 – Identifying hazards

This part of the course looks at common hazards looks at what managers can do about them.

Refresher module 6 – Investigating accidents and incidents

This module will as students why do incidents and accidents happen? It will then go on to look at accident investigation and its importance.

Refresher module 7 – Measuring performance

This part of the course looks at why performance measurement is important and how health and safety performance is best monitored and reported on. It also looks at health and safety audits.

Refresher module 8 – Protecting our environment

Like many other of IOSH’s courses, Managing Safely also includes a section that discusses the impact industry can have on the environment and and this can be controlled and managed.


All of our trainers and consultants are full Chartered members of IOSH, the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. You can be assured that your refresher course will be taught by someone who’s not only highly qualified, but someone who has extensive industry experience too.

Course materials

The Managing Safely Refresher course, like the full version is interactive and highly enjoyable. Every person attending the training course will receive a workbook that they will use throughout the course. The workbook will also be useful after the course too, as it contains a essential information and guidance for managers and will help them return to work with the tools needed to safely manage their team.


The course lasts for just one day, minimizing the time you need to spend away from work.


All candidates will take a short assessment at the end of the course to test their knowledge and skills gained.


Those candidates who attend the course and successfully complete the end of course test will be awarded the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher certificate.

If you would like more information on the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course or would like to book a course, please complete the form below.