IOSH Safety For Senior Executives Course

The IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course is a one day course for senior members of organisations who are responsible for strategic planning and policy and need a good foundation of knowledge of the health and safety

Who is the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course for?

The course is suitable for anyone at a senior level of an organisation that has more than 250 employees. If you’re at a senior level in an organisation  with less than 250 employees, out IOSH Directing Safely course will be more appropriate. Job titles that this job is suitabe for includes:

  • Managing Director
  • Chief Executive
  • Director (Operations, HR, IT etc)
  • VP
  • Heads of Department
  • Senior Manager and Executives

How will my business benefit?

When senior executives take an active interest in H&S, this effectively filters down throughout the organisation and can help:

  • Reduce accidents and illnesses
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase staff morale
  • Improve staff retention rates

Completion of the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course will also help organisations comply with such reports and directives as:

Key learning outcomes

  • Delegates who successfully complete the Safety for Senior Executives course will be able to:
  • Understand their role as a senior executive and their H&S responsibilities
  • Integrate the organisation’s health and safety objectives seamlessly with the overall strategic aims and objectives of the business
  • Ensure health and safety is taken account of when making decisions, planning strategically and managing the supply chain
  • Understand that as a senior executive, safety has to be a priority and acknowledge and understand the consequences of failing to manage H&S.
  • Understand the importance of robust health and safety management systems and reporting tools.

Course details

This one day course is divided into four modules:

Module 1 – Aims and Objectives

This introductory module provides the senior executives attending the course a general overview of the programme, its content, aims and objectives.

Module 2 – Senior Executives’ H&S Responsibilities

This module looks at the safety responsibilities that business managers have and looks at the moral and legal case for the effective management of health and safety by senior executives.

Module 3 – Corporate Governance and H&S

Following the moral and legal case for health and safety management, this module looks at the business case. Executives will be required to look at things like the hidden costs of failure and the importance and requirements of robust annual reporting.

Module 4 – Health and Safety Management Systems

This module introduces the subject of health and safety management systems and how they should be implemented effectively by senior executives. Safety, and its strategic implementation will also be looked at.


Like every health and safety course run by ourselves, you can be guaranteed that you will be taught by tutors that are not only Chartered members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health who also have extensive ‘hands on’ industry experience. Our courses aren’t just about theory, you’ll learn how to practically apply what you have learnt.

Course materials

Each delegate will be given a booklet at the start of the course which they will work through with the other delegates and tutor. This engaging and useful guide will not only be useful during the course itself, it contains a host of valuable information and guides which will be of immense use going forward in their career.


The Safety for Senior Executives training is over one day.


The course is examined by means of a short multiple choice assessment at the end of the course.


Delegates who successfully complete the course and pass the written assessment will be awarded the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives certificate.

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