IOSH Workplace Behavioural Safety Course

The IOSH Workplace Behavioural Safety course aims to give the delegates a greater awareness of what leads us to make unsafe decisions whilst at work and to highlight the internal and external influences that drive us to take unsafe actions and make unsafe decisions.

During the course, we also outline not only our Moral Responsibilities and processes involved in decision making, but also our Legal Responsibilities whilst at work.

Once these areas have been covered, we can then start to pinpoint the specific moment at which we can stop ourselves and make safer decisions more often.

Who is the IOSH Workplace Behavioural Safety course for?

Key learning outcomes

  • Upon completion of the course, delegates should have a better awareness of the influences and behaviour that affect our decision making in terms of safety.
  • They should be able to recognise the point at which they are beginning to make unsafe decisions, potentially stop and make better decisions more often.
  • They should have a better awareness of their own personal and management responsibilities under the HASAWA 1974 and be able to make better informed decisions with the aid of their “new tools”.

Course details

The modules of the course are as follows:

Moral Responsibilities

What are our moral responsibilities regarding health and safety?

Legal Responsibilities

What are our legal responsibilities regarding health and safety?

Basic Risk Assessment

This module will give delegates and understanding and appreciation of the need for a risk assessment and how to conduct a basic one.

Understanding the Effects of our Values, Attitudes and Beliefs

This module looks at how we all have different values, attitudes and beliefs and looks at how this may effect our decision making behaviour health and safety wise.

Conscious and Subconscious Mind

This looks at the conscious and subconscious mind within the framework of workplace behaviour and safety and look at how they operate and interact.

The Mechanics of the decision making process

At which point we allow unsafe decisions? How is safety affected by our behaviour?

Human Error Model

This module looks at human error and how we can reduce it and improve health and safety in the workplace. Behavioural issues are considered too.


All IOSH courses run by ourselves are taught by a highly qualified and skilled tutors who are Chartered members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. All of our tutors also have extensive industry experience so you can be rest assured that it’s not all theory. You’ll also learn how to practically apply health and safety solutions in your business.

Course materials

Delegates will be given a workbook which they will work through along with their tutor and fellow delegates. The workbook is not only incredibly informative and useful during the course itself, it contains extensive information and guides which delegates will find invaluable when back at work.


The Workplace Behavioural Safety course is held over one day.


At the end of the training, delegates will be given a multiple choice question paper to test their understanding of what they have been taught. If they exceed the 70% pass mark, they will be awarded an IOSH Certificate in Workplace Behavioural Safety.


Delegates who successfully complete the course and exceed the 70% pass mark, will be awarded the IOSH Certificate in Workplace Behavioural Safety.

If you’d like to book an IOSH Certificate in Workplace Behavioural Safety course or would like to ask a question, then please use the contact form below.